Who Needs a Pet Door?!

You do.  If you have a pet, you can greatly improve their quality of life with a pet door.  And you can improve your life too. How so?

A Pet Door For Dogs:

  • Keep your dog happier. He'll be less likely to get into trouble chewing on furniture, shoes, or other objects or for scratching on doors or walls.
  • Don't lock your dog out of the bathroom for 9 hours a day.  He'll be able to relieve himself leading to better health and fewer messes.
  • Keep your dog more relaxed.  With access to the great outdoors, dogs can enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the world around them.  This stimulates them and keeps them occupied.  Less boredom, less anxiety, less stress.

A Pet Door For Cats:

  • Cats can be given controlled access to the outdoors for a happier life.  Cats get bored easily and need mental stimulation.  A cat door to a screened porch, a catio, or some other controlled area is the answer.  Let them enjoy their wild side while you still maintain some control.
  • Cats like to use a litter box in peace and privacy.  Use a pet door to allow your cat access to her litter box in the garage where the dog can't get to it.  Add a Dog Guardian or a Security Barrier from Hale Pet Door to guarantee your cat's privacy.

A Pet Door For You

  • Enjoy the convenience of not having to get up multiple times at all hours of the day or night to let your pet in or out.
  • Realize the savings in energy costs from not having to open a big people-sized door to let out your animals. 
  • Appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing both your animals and your home are safe and secure with the highest quality, energy-efficient, and most secure pet doors available.

Make Sure Your Dog Door Installation is Done Right

We know pets are loved family members. Pet doors improve the quality of life for them. Having a pet door reduces stress for the owner who sometimes may be running late from work or other “life happens” delays.  Pets can take care of themselves by being able to go outside to get fresh air or relieve themselves. This makes life more peaceful and enjoyable for all. 

We are a local family operated business happily installing pet doors for over 5 years in the Atlanta area. 

We love meeting our clients and getting to know them as well as their furry family members! 

Ask us about our participation in the Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards program! You can save money on your new pet door and Hale makes a donation to the pet rescue of your choice to help save more homeless animals.  It's a win, win, win for everybody.


For More Information

"I wanted to write a letter of support for my team at Elite Pet Doors! Our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Peso and Chamonix needed freedom to come and go on their own terms. We chose David of Elite Pet Doors who came and installed an XL Hale Pet Door. It has been magical for both our pups and the family. Peso & Chams now have private access to certain areas of the house and can play outside when they want. The pups go in and out 100 times per day. They love it. It’s easy and the HALE door has security features which protect the house and the pups each time they go through. It has been a blessing for our home. No need to wake up at 3 am to walk them. They have immediate access outside. David – Thank you for your time and expertise on our installation. It has been life changing for all of us. 2 thumbs up!!" - Merrick Lippman